Monday, September 10, 2012

Brooke is all Grown Up

My Big Fat Greek Weekend

  Greg and I went to the Salt Lake City Greek festival this weekend!!!  It is a four day event that happens every year.  It was our first time attending but wont be the last.  The event was held at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral located downtown.  A massive tent was set up adjacent to the cathedral and was packed with people enjoying Greek culture almost as much as Greg (see photo below).  

  Different groups preformed throughout the night.  These kids were the cutest by far.  During their dances people would throw stacks of dollar bills at them and start cheering.

The line to get food was over an hour long.  The line snaked back and forth; it felt like we were at Disneyland.  Greg even made the comment that he wished there was fast passes for the line.   It was well worth the wait though.  It gave me lots of time to people watch.  I found this priest texting on his iphone.  It made me laugh so I snapped a photo.

gyro and Greek stew

gyro and spinach pie
    The food was so good.  It was all homemade.  We ate baklava for dessert.  I love baklava.  I could eat it everyday.  Before we left we took a tour of the cathedral.  Greg said it reminded him of all the churches he would visit in Ukraine.  It was so ornate.  There were so many pictures painted on every wall.  I loved it.  I hope that one day Greg takes me to the Ukraine and shows me all the sites and places he talks so much about.  Maybe if we are already over there we can head down to Greece.  Oompa!!!!!!