Thursday, November 1, 2012

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

  This post is way late but I caught the blogging bug tonight and have to post this too.  Greg's favorite musical artist is Mason Jennings.  He preformed in Salt Lake back in May but we missed it so to make up for it we drove over 24 hours to see him in San Francisco back in September.  Luckily Kathers Cole and family were there to make the trip even better.  We started driving on Thursday night after work.  We planned to camp out in the middle of Nevada for the first night of our trip.  

Home away from home.
   Neither of us slept every well on the cold hard Nevada soil so we were really glad when morning came and we could continue down the road.  We could hardly wait to get to San Jose because we knew what was waiting there for us: Halle and Ryan!!!!!  We could not have had a better time playing with those two.  We had a tea party, ate candy, played with cars, spun around a ton of time and got really dizzy, and hung out at Kath's new house!!!!

  Mom, Dad, and Megan could not pass up the opportunity to hang out.  We went to the farmer's market and were shocked to see actually produce.  A farmer's market in Utah has 1 stand of produce and 99 craft stands.  It was a refreshing change.  The sisters were so happy to be together!  
50% of the Engstrom girls!
Mom and Dad Engstrom with sour dough bread that they forgot  at Kath's house :(
  The concert was in downtown San Francisco.  It was the same night as the BYU vs U of U football game but we don't want to talk about it.  Greg and I were looking up the score during the concert and were unlucky enough to catch the last few minutes of the game after the concert.  Come on Cougs!

  Mason Jennings was amazing.  He was charming and funny as well as being musically talented.  I knew a few of his songs but Greg was the real fan.  The concert was held in this amazing jazz club.  We took a few pictures before the concert but were strictly prohibited from taking pictures during the show.  So if you want to see who Mason Jennings is and what he looks like you will have to do some youtube research.  

  I asked Greg once we got back to Utah if seeing Mason was worth the long drive and the camp out from heck.  Greg didn't hesitate in saying he would do it again just to see Mason.  I guess good music does that to a person.  It made me smile just because it made Greg so happy.  

Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween family.  Greg and I had such a great holiday mostly because Burton and Brooke live so close to us now.  We went trunk or treating with them on Halloween.  Burton was such a polite boy.  He would say thank you after receiving every piece of candy.  Greg and I decided to dress up as vikings this year.  We decided to be vikings in sacrament meeting so we know it was a heavenly guided decision.  It turned out to be a good choice because we won the costume contest at our ward Halloween party on Friday night.  Our costumes were handmade by us the night before the party.  The white fur on Greg's back is actually a rug I got from IKEA that lays on the end on our bed.  When Brooke saw it she thought it was a pup pup (puppy) and would run up to Greg and pet it.  Greg designed his costume and hand glued every piece of fabric.  I think his turned out way better than mine.  If business school doesn't work out I think Greg should look into fashion school!   

My cute viking
Mr. and Mrs. Livingston
  Greg and I went to Hee Haw farms with our friends, Jared and Mindy, the weekend before Halloween.  We did the corn maze and haunted hay ride, which didn't turn out to be too haunted.  Afterwards we each picked out a pumpkin.  Greg and I carved our pumpkins for FHE on Monday night.  Greg's pumpkin must be British because it has a mustache and a monocle.

  The remaining pictures are of the two cutest kids on earth!  Burton dressed up as Buzz Lighter and Brooke was Minnie Mouse.  Brooke wore little pink high heels with pink bows on them.  She was so cute.  She wouldn't let anyone hold her because she wanted to walk in her shoes.
To infinite and beyond!

 Happy Halloween everyone.  We hope you all had a fun night!