Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do These People Look Familiar?

  Greg and I had the opportunity to go down to St. George to hear President and Sister Gardner's Homecoming talk.  It was an experience that brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  I love my mission and at times feel so far removed from it, but today I felt like I was back in Montana walking the streets.  President Gardner said in his talk that you can't really describe what your mission means to another person because they didn't experience all that you did.  I know that's true.  People don't understand why I love Montana so much, but I do and that's enough.    

Elder Unga and me!

Sister Buchanan and me!

Sister Call and me!

Me, President Gardner, Sister Gardner, and Greg!

Greg driving home from St. George!
 President Gardner had a get-together after his homecoming.  At the get-together he saw Greg before he saw me.  I could tell President Gardner didn't know who Greg was but was racking his brain wondering if he was was one of his missionaries.  It was funny.  President and Sister Gardner loved meeting Greg.  I will forever be grateful for meeting President and Sister Gardner.  They have touched my heart and made me want to be better.  

  I wasn't the only one that had a mission reunion this weekend.  On Saturday Greg and I were privileged to have dinner with two elders from his mission including his trainee, Sassy Rassy!  We ate dinner at our favorite place to eat in Cedar City, Sonny Boys.

Sassy Rassy, Jake Hulet, and Greg!

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