Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birthday Boy!

  Greg's 26th birthday was so special.  We are so lucky to have family so close to celebrate with.  His birthday was fish themed.  I wasn't really planning on having a birthday theme for my 26 year old husband but it just turned out that everyone knows how much Greg loves fishing.  We had a family dinner the Sunday before Greg's actually birthday.  Greg wanted a fish cake and this is what I came up with.  Greg says it looked like pacman's cousin.  He's right!    

It has become a tradition that Greg's sisters make him dessert cheeseburgers for his birthday.  They are super cute and very tasty.  Burton thought they were real hamburgers and was quite a surprised after taking his first bite.  The kids loved having Megan Livingston over for dinner.  When we asked Brooke that night who her favorite aunt is, her response was Megan.  We held a picture of our Mae Mae Fe up next to Megan L. and asked again just to make sure which Megan was the favorite and Brooke pointed to Megan L.  It was so cute.    

Greg and Brooke's favorite Aunt
Greg use to have a bright green Florida shirt with sharks swimming on it.  He got it for $1 on a family vacation the Livingstons took the summer before we met.  This shirt was really ugly and I hated it.  However, Greg loved it and would wear it a lot.  He called it his "Flow-rida" shirt.  Luckily this shirt got bleached and had to be thrown away, and before you all assume it was foul play, it wasn't.  It was an act of God because prays are answered.  Chris and Amelia thought it would be a good idea to replace his lost Florida shirt with this birthday gift.  The shirt exclaims, "Fish tremble when they hear my name."  Classy!  Thanks Sutherland family.  

Birthday Morning

    Greg's other gifts included fly tying tools, a new fly rod, a fly rod case, a wii fishing game, and a fly tying station.  It was definitely a fish themed birthday.  My baby boy was so spoiled.  Thanks family.

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  1. such a sweet celebration! what a special day!