Saturday, March 16, 2013

Private Chef

  For Greg's birthday he received a very special gift from Camille.  She promised to make him dinner.  This would be no ordinary dinner, this dinner would consist of cheeseburger buns and oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies!  Greg loves cheeseburger buns and oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  So Camille came over last night with a bag full of groceries and we got to work in the kitchen.
Our private chef

Sister cooking picture
  I was in charge of making the cookies.  I was slightly nervous because I am not the best baker in the world.  That title belongs to Mae Mae Fe.  I followed Camille's recipe and they turned out really well.  So well in fact, I ate two!  I actually gave some of the cookies I made away to our friends today and they asked for the recipe!  Camille and I were having a blast cooking and talking.  We love saying quotes from movies that we use to watch as kids.  We were laughing at the most random things.  It was so fun.

The middle of the cookie making process.
   Greg was not allowed to help.  It was his birthday dinner so he sat on the couch and played on his phone.  

The final product.
  Thanks Camille for making us such a yummy dinner.  You are so talented.  If nursing school doesn't work out you might have a fall back with cheeseburger buns.  After dinner we watched the movie, She's All That.  Camille had never seen it.  Can you believe that?  She then explained she was 9 years old when it came out.  Haha!  She is so little.  I forgot how funny teen movies are.  We will need to watch more soon.  Happy Birthday Greg! Thank you for being so sweet and letting us celebrate you even though you have been 26 for a month already.  


  1. Those cookies look amazing! I want that recipe too :) Happy belated b-day to Greg!

  2. WOW! I need to get educated about cheeseburger buns and oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies, I am not sure how I made it this far in life with out these essetials in my diet! Thanks Camille! Looks like great fun! (Aren't sisters the best!)